C&Y Transportation

Lloyd Cohee started C&Y Transportation with a modest pipe yard and a desire to support his family.

He understood that expertise isn’t easily realized, so he stuck to his specialty — delivering tubular goods to oilfields. He operated his business under the tenet that if he earned the respect of his customers and employees, success and profit would follow suit. He hired other Wyoming men and women and invested in their safety and success, and in turn, they were committed to serving C&Y Transportation customers. The company prides itself on the tenure and proficiency of our employees who continue to be the foundation of our success.

Current President and CEO Roy Cohee learned from his father that serving a customer is never a right — it’s a privilege. Customer service is a priority with every delivery, and the expertise of our employees empowers C&Y Transportation to deliver anywhere in Wyoming within eight hours of a service call. This level of skill is the result of decades of experience, so our employees have undergone booms, busts and everything in between. They have the fortitude to get through economic downturns and the Wyoming wind.

Part of thriving in a community means giving back, and C&Y Transportation takes this commitment seriously. Roy Cohee currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Wyoming Trucking Association and Casper College. He is a former member of the Wyoming Legislature and served as Majority Floor Leader and Speaker of the House.

A Sampling of our current client base