Hauling Operations

OCTG Hauling Operations

Hauling oil well casing and tubing has been at the core of C&Y Transportation since 1966. With this experience, we can navigate oilfields across the Rocky Mountain region in any weather condition. We routinely update our equipment, so our late model truck and trailer equipment means security for your materials and safety for our drivers. Additionally, we operate a repair shop in-house, cutting down on costly break-downs.

Heavy Hauling Operations

C&Y Transportation Co. has a dedicated team of drivers and support personnel that specialize in moving heavy freight (over-dimensional, over-weight, and over-limit).

The dedicated team of experienced professionals has the knowledge required to obtain special permits, routing and escorts for over-legal freight. C&Y Transportation understands the nuances of loading and unloading your over-legal freight, and in conducting our own route survey we also know in advance every mile of the route and implement safety measures to successfully deal with any problem areas. We determine which routes will be the best ones to take based on many factors including weather, local, state, and federal regulations, and our heavy haul experience along various routes. C&Y Transportation Co.’s experience with heavy haul trucking gives us the confidence needed to determine best routing for transporting over-legal loads. We transport a variety of over-legal freight ranging from mining equipment, drilling components, compressors, and various types of loaders. We've hauled it all. If it's over-legal we've moved it.


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